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Общие проблемы теории речевых жанров

About “genres of speech and language of speech” again: what has linguistics given to genre studies?

This is the second article in a cycle on the connection between genre studies and linguistics. The previous article discussed the question “What have genre studies given to linguistics?” This article focuses on linguistic methods used in speech genres theory: more traditional for linguistics, starting with the descriptive method and its later varieties – structural – and less traditional (component analysis, the method of immediate constituents, the generative method, the method of describing external and deep content structures, the method of semantic fields).

“Genre”: A nomadic concept or an aesthetic universal?

The article raises the problem of the metadisciplinary interpretation of the term “genre”, which can be equally well defined as a nomadic concept or as an artistic universal. The author focuses on the question of the configuration of features defining the concept of genre in philology, art history, and musicology.

Research of speech genres in artificial intelligence applications (identification of cognitive-speech actions forming a genre form)

The paper proves that speech genres as forms of text production and interpretation claim to be one of the main objects of formal linguistic analysis in comprehensive papers on cognitive modeling – an intensively developing trend of artificial intelligence.

Speech genres of the journalistic discourse

The article describes the classification of journalistic speech genres, which is based on communicative intentions. Genres were classified twice: taking into account the leading motives of journalistic activity, informing, assessment, and incentive genres were separated firstly. the subsequent genre differentiation was made within the groups in view of the subject component of the purposes. As an example of stylistic realization of genre the author analyzes the substantive structure of the “Message on the situation” speech genre.

Actual problems of indirect communication and its genres: a view from 2013

In the article the aspects of the problem of indirect communication in linguistics of the last ten years have been discussed. A brief overview of the state of modern linguistics and its place in the problems of indirect communication has been provided. The main directions of recent research on this issue have been presented, as well as the types and aspects of indirect communication that had not become the object of attention of linguists.

Communicative deviations and circumstances of efficiency of speech genre

The article presents an analysis of the problem of the efficiency of construction and perception of speech genres in cooperative communication.

On two “children's diseases” of modern linguistics (language, ideology, speech genres)

Modern linguistics is characterized by transfer of attention from the study of linguistic structure to the investigation of its functioning. Substitution of the unnecessary formalization by the advancement of theses that can’t be specified and proved is typical. Many modern functional studies try to achieve the solution of all the problems without passing the necessary intermediate stages. These studies do not differentiate the fundamental notions. The problems of the elaboration of the methods of investigation remain actual.

About the International Journal “Speech Genres”

Saratov State National Research University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky has been producing the International Journal “Speech Genres” since 2013. The Journal is dedicated to the problems of speech and communication genres as well as current approaches of studying speech genres. The Journal is based on serial thematic periodical collection of publications “Speech Genres” (Saratov-Moscow, issues 1-8) which has become widely popular in Russia and abroad. The website of the edition is

Discursive words as a means of organizing speech genres (on the example of lexeme true)

The article is devoted to the description of lexeme «truth» functioning features entering different speech genres. The word «truth» is referred to the group of discourse words providing speech coherence, reflecting the process of interaction between the speaker and listener, as well as conveying attitude of the speaker to what has been said. The study considers broad understanding of discourse words as structural components of the speech genre that realize illocutionary functions and are associated with speech steps of the speaker in the creation of genre.

Corpus genristics: a problem of key phrases

The article discusses the theoretical and practical problems related to the study of speech genres on the basis of the material of databases, and generally using the methods of corpus linguistics. In the foreground there is the problem of “key phrases”, or text markers of speech genres, which can be searched in the case. According to the authors, the key phrase of speech genre is its essential characteristic, which is present in speech genre competence of a native speaker and should be included in the relevant speech genre description as an additional parameter.