International journal
ISSN 2311-0759 (Online)
ISSN 2311-0740 (Print)

Aims and Scope

Journal Themes:

Speech Genres, Speech Genres Theory’s problems, including typology of genres and genre forms, genres in connection with language, culture and culture image of the world, linguistic personality, arts, mass media, comparative studies of speech genres.

Purpose and objectives of the journal

Purpose of the journal is to present modern scientific research's results in the field of speech genres, contributing to development of research and educational activities.

Objectives of the journal are following:

• reflect the general state of the theory of speech genres in Russia and around the world;
• to provide the most current trends in the study of speech genres;
• represent the most significant results in general theoretical problems of genre studies (typology of genres and genre forms, genres relative to language, culture, linguistis view of the world, linguistic identity, artistic creativity, media, comparative study of speech genres);
• represent the most significant research results in specific speech genres.

The target audience of the journal is the specialists on the theory of speech genres, discourse, text linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, theory and history of language and literature, Russian, English, German, Romance Philology, speech culture.