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Journal «Speech Genres» is a scientific periodical.The Journal is dedicated to the problems of speech and communication genres as well as current approaches of studying speech genres. The Journal is based on serial thematic periodical collection of publications “Speech Genres” (Saratov-Moscow, issues 1-8) which has become widely popular in Russia and abroad. 

Journal «Speech Genres» has been producing since 1997. Continuity of the Journal “Speech Genres” as related to the collection is emphasized by keeping the numbering: the first issue of the journal is, at the same time, the ninth issue of the collection.

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ISSN 2311-0740 (Print)

ISSN 2311-0759 (Online)

The journal publication frequency (since 2018) is 4 times a year.

The founder and the publisher of the journal is Saratov State University.

Certificates of mass media registration:

ПИ № ФС 77-76706 от 02.09.2019 г.

The journal subscription index is 70771  in the United Catalogue “The Russian Press”, section 15 "Russian Magazines". The subscription is available in online catalogue Ural-Press Group of  Companies ( The price is not fixed.

Publications are free of charge.

The electronic version of the journal is in open access.

The content is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

The journal is in RINC.

The journal is included in the list of leading refereed scientific journals and issues recommended for the publication of the main results of research papers. Category K1.

Scientific specialties:

10.01.01 – Russian literature (philological sciences),

10.01.08 – Theory of Literature. Textology (philological sciences),

10.02.01 – Russian language (philological sciences),

10.02.19 – Theory of Language (philological sciences).

Since 28.12.2018:

  • 10.01.01. Russian literature (philological sciences);
  • 10.02.01. Russian language (philological sciences);
  • 10.02.19. Theory of Language (philological sciences).


Since 01.02.2022:

  • 5.9.3. Theory of Literature (philological sciences).


The Journal includes the following sections:

General problems of the speech genres theory;

Studies of individual genres;

Genres in art;

Genres of mass media;


Genres of new culture spheres;

Genres in philo- and ontogenesis;


Criticism and Bibliography;

Reviews. Chronicle.

The languages of the journal are Russian and English.

The articles shall comply with the format and style of the journal Requirements .

The manuscripts received by the editorial office are checked for plagiarism in the system of text matching content Антиплагиат.ВУЗ and are reviewed (see Procedure of manuscript reviewing), upon which the editorial board makes the decision on the possibility of their publication.

The editorial board does not consider the articles that:

  • ​ are only application-oriented;
  • ​ have been previously published;
  • ​ have been accepted for publication by other journals.

Digital archiving policy 

In order to ensure the preservation, usability and accessibility of the journal content (journal and article metadata, the full texts of the articles) for long term availability the following systems are used:
- The journal content on our server is online and accessible to the readers (
- The copy of the same content is kept at the electronic library systems ( and Cyberleninka (, where an advanced search can be carried out by journal articles (by keywords, author, title, section).
- At The Keeper's Registry:

Self-archiving. Authors may archive the final published version of their articles in personal or institutional repositories immediately after publication.

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