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Representation of Judicial Power in the Genres of Russian Print Media

The present study is devoted to the problem of discursive construction of judicial power in Russian print media. The purpose of the article is to distinguish the dominating genres through which the work of the institution is revealed. The author indicates that some genres are characterized by typical representations of the judiciary. The article analyses the use of informational, analytical and publicist genre groups. The researcher reveals characteristic features in the use of genres chosen by papers supporting opposite ideologies.

Oral professional dialogue as a complex speech genre

The article is devoted to the genre qualifications of oral professional dialogue, which is a little-known variety of informal verbal interaction among specialists. It is argued that professional communication, as opposed to other kinds of communication, is included in the context of professional activity, which is characterized by purposefulness, effectiveness and public significance.


The article deals with value-marked personal narratives about funny incidents as a genre of comic discourse. In contrast with other genres of comic discourse these narratives are presented as event messages that have happened with the narrator or with people known to him. The comical essence of such stories consists in a combination of incompatible positions, the first one shows an event as a real, matter-offact habitual state of affairs, whereas the second one describes it as a fantastic, pathetical or stereotyped reality.


The author examines the conceptual idea of the development of Russia in 2016, reflected in the genre of analytical review in online publications of various (progovernment and opposition) socio-political, ideological orientation, and represented through metaphors formed within the framework of the anthropomorphic conceptual macromodel. The paper identifies the most actual models and their variants of anthropomorphic transfers in the media under investigation.


The article analyzes media genres interaction through the primary media sphere genre – news. The author gives opinions of researchers on the mixing of genres, lists genres which have undergone significant changes in the modern media sphere. The analysis is based on the news from the regional media field – one of Novgorod’s Internet resources. Analysis of four news texts published in November 2017 shows that the news includes a report, a journalistic story, an academic article, an announcement, a biographical note.

Diary: Main Variants of the Genre

The research of the variability of a speech genre ”Diary” shows the presence of five basic models built on the following features: belonging to one of the basic worldviews, the type of mental space, the type of the concept forming the genre, the type of a modal subject, the reference towards reality, speech strategy and the genre format.

Genres of Written Discourse of the Executive Branch

The article presents a description of the genre system of the executive written discourse. The paper considers viewpoints of specialists in genre studies on the criteria for classifying genres. It presents speech genres typologies on the inter- and extra-linguistic bases according to: communicative intention, type of activity, specificity of the audience, etc. Through the analyses of various conceptions, the author comes to the conclusion that a complete modeling of a genre system is possible only if a number of factors is considered.

“Only Mother and Geländewagen 5.5 Deserve Love”: Busters’ Lyrics as a Genre of the Youth Internet Discourse

The paper explores some axiological and linguistic aspects of the busters’ lyrics as a genre in Runet. The author aims at revealing key axiological values and their linguistic actualisations in the busters’ lyrics as well as characterising the identity of “the main hero”. The data were retrieved from three online communities in the Russian social network VKontakte.

Mirilka as the Genre of Children’s Folklore

The article is devoted to the genre of mirilka (from the Russian «мир» – peace) as the form of the children’s verbal creativity which is the byways of learning in linguistics and folklore. The topicality of the research of the speech genre of mirilka is connected with the wide use of such texts by preschoolers. Moreover, it is due to the possibility of using mirilkas in the educational process aiming to form the ability of overcoming conflicts and interacting constructively with peers in games.

Comparative Analysis of Newspaper and TV Essays

This article presents a study of the most difficult in its characteristics and properties genre of journalism – an essay. The nature of the essay is determined by the fact that it functions both in journalism and in fiction. The paper aims at the research of the differences between newspaper and television Russian essays, and the analysis of the artistic and journalistic aspects of the reviewed essays.


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