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A Short Story About a Simple Russian Man in the Works of a Contemporary Writer Vadim Sharapov

The article deals with short stories of the modern Russian science fiction writer Vadim Sharapov. It is emphasized that nowadays a genre of short stories is becoming highly demanded, as they correspond to the reader’s needs in the perception of short messages. The article focuses on the description of the content and problem-thematic aspects of the stories of Vadim Sharapov (the collection of “The Share of Angels”), as well as the characteristics of the hero – a simple Russian man. The author resorted to descriptive and receptional methods of text analysis.

National Hymn as Patriotic Discourse Genre

The author forms up an evolutionary semiotic succession of the hymn and concludes that the national hymn is a hybrid literary genre which is embodied in various discourse species and that it possesses identifying, unifying, axiological, “optimistic”, ideological, laudatory, expressive, magical and performative functions. The article analyzes national hymns of ex-republics of the Soviet Union and proves that despite being simultaneously acknowledged as official state symbols these hymns differ in their genre origin, themes and semantic features.

On the Correlation of the Concepts of “Autobiography Genre”, “Autobiographical Discourse”, “Autobiographism”: Literary Aspect

The article deals with the key concepts used in the analysis of autobiographical literature. The Russian and foreign science is acknowledged to lack the terminological precision in their application which leads to the notions and literary genres being diffused. The author analyzes the definition of the autobiography genre introduced by a French literary scholar Ph. Lejeune, as well as the polemic debate on his concept in the Western criticism of the 1950s–1970s, which revealed the fact that the real range of autobiographical works is significantly more diverse.

Dialogical Genres of the White House

The objective of the research. The research deals with the description and classification of the dialogical genres of the modern political discourse of the United States, namely of the White House. The study was carried out using the method of classification and the descriptive method from the discourse positions, taking into account the social actors using these genres: politicians, journalists and the audience.

V. Shenderovich. “A Flute Solo”: on the Problem of the Genre Definition (between a Wicked Satire and a Literary Fugue)

In 2015, “Vremya publishing house” issued “A Flute Solo”, a book by V. Shenderovich, of multigenre and,­ according to the author of the article, intermedia na­ture, since its content peculiarities of a political satire and a tragedy, a farce and a fantasy, on the one hand, and some features of musical pieces, a fugue­ in particular, on the other hand, have merged here. The text was first published in 2012 in the magazine “Polden. XX vek” (“Noon. XX century”), edited by B. Strugatsky, but then it did not receive any sig­nificant reaction.

Utterance, Genre, Discourse: Semiotic Modeling

The paper deals with semiotic representation of dis­course treated as a text immersed in a communica­tive situation. In this respect discourse may be an­alyzed from the point of view of 1) its form and content correlation and 2) types of its content. The first approach makes it possible to single out three contextually relevant levels of discourse manifestation: 1) a concrete situationally bound utterance or text, 2) a text genre and 3) a discourse type. The sec­ond approach is aimed at description of semiotically relevant contensive types of discourse.

Reconsideration of the Parable

The article deals with the parable as a genre. The attention to the parable is determined by the fact that the interest in the subject does not wane, and each author, using the traditions of the genre, brings something new, acting as an innovator. The first thing that attracts our attention is the differences of the modern parable as a genre. Today there is no edification and instruction in it. It does not give a ready answer, but forces to reflect on the proposed topic. The parable easily connects with other genres of literature, deepening their meaning.

Genology as a Cognitive Space

  The author characterizes, first of all, the cognitive situation in Polish genology, pointing to the scatter of genology studies in disciplinary fields and the emergence of literary, linguistic and journalistic (media) genology, as well as many proposals made by individual researchers. The second part of the article is an attempt to develop the author’s concept of genology as an open cognitive space designed in the form of a style of thinking, considered as a set of style collections.

Formats and genres of media communication of the executive power

The article presents a general description of the system of the executive power media resources from the point of view of its genre organization. The author offers a literature review on computer-mediated communication and the sphere of public relations and gives a definition of a genre in connection with the Internet. It is argued that an important characteristic of a media genre is its format regarded as a sum total of discourse and media aspects determined by the technical capacity of various Internet services.

Judicial expert opinion as a speech genre (based on judicial medical expertise)

The article describes the model of the genre of “judicial expert opinion” and considers a medical expert opinion as its example. A judicial expert opinion is defined as a written text including the research and conclusions on the issues posed to the expert by the person conducting the criminal proceedings, or by the defense or prosecution. This text functions simultaneously in two branches: in jurisprudence, as a document, and in a certain field of science that is related to the field of expert knowledge, in this case in medicine.


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