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Literary forecast genre in modern criticism

The article deals with the problem of the genre, which is studied in the theoretical-critical and historicalliterary aspects. The results of the comparative typological analysis of texts containing judgments about the future of literature give ground to talk about the literary forecast as an independent genre and thus update the existing classifications. The genre carriers are the topic, problems, tasks of the critic, as well as the structure of the text, the image of the literature.

Genre «letter in the pack»: discursive construction of the addresser and the addressee

The paper focuses on the commercial genre «letter in the pack», specifically on the discursive construction of the addresser and the addressee. Methodologically, the author draws on speech genre theory and social constructionism to demonstrate how the categorized and typified personal experience of the addresser is transmitted onto the addressee and how this results in the construction of the axiologically charged system «addresser – addressee».

Repentance: human life, activity concept or genre?

The phenomenon of «repentance» has been analyzed from the perspective of various sciences: communicative linguistics, linguocognitology, genristics, theolinguistics. Repentance is a genuine recognition of the fault, error, sin, regret at the offense. This understanding is related to a domestic repentance – a strong emotional experience, which is correlated with a sense of shame for him/herself and his/her actions (a secular approach to this phenomenon). In the spotlight is the intersection of the repentance concept with the repentance genre and dialogue.

Religious functional style in the genre aspect: problem statement

This article is devoted to the description of genre system of religious style. The basis of the proposed classification of genres advanced by the author is the constructive principle of pretextuality reflecting such extralinguistic factors forming the style as religious consciousness and religious activities. The principle of pretextuality ensures succession preservation of religious concepts. The prototext in Christianity is the Gospel, which contains the genre samples, canonized invariant genre models which are offered to call protogenres.

Genology of usual texts

The aim of the article is to characterize the basic assumptions and developments of current research within linguistic genology of usual texts. It's about phrases for specific practical purposes. Their genological presentation covers the most important concepts in the subdiscipline, which can also be referred to as linguistic genology. The article is a discussion about the Polish research on genres of phrases, including the foundations for this theory made by Bakhtin.

Concept of communicative behavior and genre

This article focuses on linguistic-culural concepts of communicative behavior in Russin and English discourses and highlights their varieties: concepts-events and attributive regulative concepts. The former are modeled as a dynamic frame – scenario of a specific situation and correspond to a speech genre / speech act. The latter, attributive concepts of communicative behavior, characterize situation as a whole. they correspond to the quality slot in a concept-event frame and are verbalized by discourse strategies or tactics.


The article is devoted to the search for the answer to the question what the cognitive approach to the genre means. The author believes that the goal of the cognitive studies of the genre is to build its mental model, reflecting its representation in the minds of the reader and writer.

Genres of Socialist Realism “Collected Works” and “Selected Works” from Soviet Political Leaders

The article is devoted to the consideration of the genre “Collected Works”, namely the works of political leaders of the Soviet Union. The object of the study is the collected works of Leonid Brezhnev “Lenin’s course”, published in 9 volumes from 1973 to 1983. Formulated The hypothesis is formulated: the “Collected Works” is a typological variety of the literary metatexts, i.e. the ensemble or composite of several text structures. It is a generic cyclization form of substantive and constitutive characteristics.

Reformatskiy and Bakhtin on Speech Genres

The M. M. Bakhtin’s work on speech genres is wellknown. However this problem was examined by other outstanding Russian scholar A. A. Reformatskiy in his book «Technical editing of a book. Theory and method of work» published in 1933 (Bakhtin’s work was written twenty years later). Unlike Bakhtin Reformatskiy studied only a part of genres – genres of books – but his classification was more detailed and fixed main features of different genres depending on the aims of their publication.

Online petition as a genre in the context of feminist discourse

The paper explores the online petition as a genre in feminist discourse. The author aims at revealing how the meanings are constructed that characterise modern feminist discourse as well as how structural and textual features are related to the social charge of the genre. The data contain 18 online petitions written in different countries, whose authors set the task to change the position and living conditions of women.


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