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An encyclopedic elucidation of speech genres (Review of the book: Balashova L. V., Dementyev V. V. Russkiye rechevyye zhanry [Russian Speech Genres]. Moscow, LRC Publishing House, 2022. 832 p. (Studia Philologica))

The monograph under review is an analysis of the modern state and perspectives of the Theory of Speech Genres development. This theory as offered and worked out by Michael M. Bakhtin belongs to a leading trend of the communication studies in Russia. The authors of the book are well known specialists in this field of the Humanities.

Article Dialogue basis of Leo Tolstoy’s diary

The article verifies the hypothesis that Leo Tolstoy’s diary has the form of a hidden dialogue of the writer with various subjects: with himself, with third parties, with God. Dialogue is understood as a form of individual development. The article determines that Leo Tolstoy’s diary represents a program of self-improvement, which is achieved through goal-setting and self-assessment. In the traditional perception of the diary genre, entries are interpreted as a form of autocommunication, carried out for the purpose of self-identification of the individual.

Speech genre of an expert report in the context of communicative goal-setting

The article studies a speech genre of an expert report. The study focuses on the realization of the most significant genre-forming feature – the communicative goal of an expert report. Scientific novelty is connected with the fact that an expert report is studied in the context of being a result of speech activity; within the theory of speech genres and communicative linguistics. The article focuses on the basic characteristics of the genre, its communicative goal-setting peculiarities, and the influence of an expert report type on the communicative goal realization.

Genre forms in the children’s humoristic magazine “Veselye kartinki”: 1990s

The article is included in the circle of studies related to the study of genre characteristics of texts. The relevance of the study is determined by the changeable nature of speech genres, each of which contains traditional (archaic) genre-forming features, as well as new, changing ones. The aim of the undertaken research was to consider genre forms and features in the children’s comic magazine “Veselye Kartinki”. Issues of the period from 1985 to 1999 were selected as the research material.

The name calling communication genre: German vs. Russian names of human body parts as a source of derogatory idioms

Research is made of different means of name calling. Under examination is derogatory attitudes between German and Russian vocabularies.  Close connections are established between the  body,  waste and moral qualities of the person. These relations are nationally specific, which allows one to define a number of ethnic preferences characteristic of the nations analyzed.

Genre of New Year greetings in social networks

The article examines the content and stylistic features of modern greeting discourse in social networks based on the texts of the professional community of business coaches and communication specialists in social networks. This type of greeting discourse is conventionally referred to a written electronic formal professional discourse variety. The content and style of these texts, on the one hand, preserve the cultural traditions of greeting speech rhetoric, on the other hand, they require innovative ideas and new means of expression.

Administrative announcement as a speech genre

This article is devoted to studying the administrative announcement as a speech genre in Russian language. Administrative announcement is considered as an complex informative and imperative speech genre of natural and official written language, which register changes in communication and culture. Administrative announcement as an administrative and regulating sort of text completes an important role in social interaction regulating.

Speech genre: the unit of product structuring of speech activity

The article discusses the problem of speech genre theory development.  There are three specific areas that require either  extending interpretations of the speech genre concept, or imposing a new specializing term. First, intergenre phenomena of administrative discourse remain outside speech genre. Then, the concept of genre is not relevant for discursive activity product analysis, because it is associated with oral and written text. Finally, in speech genre theory seems to be perspective study of the cognitive and psycholinguistic aspect.

Speech Genres through the Prism of the Multidimensionality of Homo Loquens

The article is devoted to a concise analysis of correlation between language, culture, linguo-culture, mind, communication and community, that are regarded as part and parcel of some indivisible unity which is in focus of nowadays researches of integrative character. The speech genres are analysed in the paper through the prism of the unity in question

Rumors in the paradigm of linguistic genristics

The present article provides a comprehensive analysis of rumors as an informative genre transmitting unauthorized news. The goal of this genre is mass distribution of initially oral current news, the authorship and reliability (veracity) of which are uncertain and for which no one is liable.