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speech genres

Genres in Changing World: Creationistic Potentials of Speech Genres and Epistemological Potentials of the Theory of Speech Genres

        The article is devoted to the changes of speech genres and speech genre picture of modernity. The creationistic potentials of speech genres are conceptualized: how genres are involved in the creation of this picture due to their objective nature and potentials, which are considered in the article through the oppositions formed by pairs of opposing, interconnected tendencies: national-specific ? universal. linguistic ? extralinguistic. way from above ? way from below . development of new phenomena on the national (original) basis ? borrowing.

Speech Genres in the Communication “Doctor – Patient” in the Novel by B. L. Pasternak “Doctor Zhivago”

The article is devoted to the study of speech genres, connected with the communication between the doctor and the patient in Pasternak’s novel. In “Doctor Zhivago” as “genre polyform” the dialogue between the doctor and the patient becomes actual as an integral part of the content of the novel, represented by the characteristic paradigms of the doctor and the patient.

Comical Attractives in Network Discourse

The article deals with comical reposts treated as a genre of network discourse. They include jokes, anecdotes, demotivators and other texts designed for entertaining readers. Such texts upturn stereotypical opinions and ways of behavior. The techniques of their construction and interpretation consist in incongruities between their parts and blending of incompatible meanings which seem bizarre and hence funny.

The Russian Construction “ya by na tvoyom meste/ty by na moyom meste” (“if i were you/if you were me”): about the Link between the I-sphere and the Choice of a Speech Genre

The construction analyzed in the article can be used both on the speaker’s initiative and in response to a request. It is characteristic of two speech genres, advice and compliment. The hypothetical substitution of ya (me) with ty (you) (ya by na tvoyom meste/if I were you) and ty (you) with ya (me) (ty by na moyom meste/ if you were me) can trigger conflict, to a greater or lesser extent.

Functioning of Cliched Constructions in the Speech Genre of Cinema Announcement (based on Internet Movie Announcements of Indian Films)

The article touches upon current problems of speech genres functioning on the Internet and fits into the context of modern research in the field of virtual genre studies. The article discusses the speech genre of the movie announcement and describes the means of its language embodiment. The research is focused on the analysis of clich?d constructions and is based on 250 Indian film announcements written in Russian and posted on

On the Reliability and Consistency of Speech-­Genre Communication

The article deals with such universal anthropological characteristics of speech genres as the reliability and consistency of a communicative event, its targeted interactive potential.

What Have Genre Studies Given to Modern Linguistics?

The article summarizes the preliminary results of the interaction of genre studies and linguistics of the last three decades. The significance of genre studies for linguistics is determined by the fact that the speech genres themselves are of exceptional importance for the language – the object of linguistics: not equal to the language completely, speech genres are a phenomenon without which it is impossible to truly comprehend the structure, functioning, and history of the language.

Transformation of the genre “Memoirs” in social network instagram

Active development of the Internet communication and the expansion of technical capaсities caused the transformation of existing genres and determined the emergence of new ones. The article discusses the features of the implementation of the speech genre “memoirs” in the social network Instagram. The hashtag #воспоминание was chosen as the criterion for collecting entries, since, in our opinion, users can use this hashtag to mark the genre of a post. The aim of the work is to establish how genre characteristics of memoirs are reflected in the polycode space.

A model of the operations manual speech genre in engineering communication

The article addresses basic genre parameters of the operations manual and aims to develop its genre model within engineering discourse. Engineering communication is becoming a subject of a special focus for linguists due to its rapid development driven by dynamic changes in technology, society and industry, which results in continuous exchange of information between the members of the engineering society.