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Comparative Analysis of Newspaper and TV Essays

This article presents a study of the most difficult in its characteristics and properties genre of journalism – an essay. The nature of the essay is determined by the fact that it functions both in journalism and in fiction. The paper aims at the research of the differences between newspaper and television Russian essays, and the analysis of the artistic and journalistic aspects of the reviewed essays.

Mediafact as a Genre Entity

The study deals with the media fact as an entity of media speech and media genres, in particular. The purpose of this article is to show how media facts form genres. The author adopts a broad interpretation of the concept of ”media fact,” the main characteristic of which is the focus on the presentation of events in their relevance. A media fact is any information in the media that the recipient considers to be a fact and takes into account, building his attitude to the world around him.

Formats and genres of media communication of the executive power

The article presents a general description of the system of the executive power media resources from the point of view of its genre organization. The author offers a literature review on computer-mediated communication and the sphere of public relations and gives a definition of a genre in connection with the Internet. It is argued that an important characteristic of a media genre is its format regarded as a sum total of discourse and media aspects determined by the technical capacity of various Internet services.


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