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Urunova R. G. To the Question of the Authorization of Texts and Genres of media. Speech Genres, 2019, no. 2(22), pp. 143-146. DOI: 10.18500/2311-0740-2019-2-22-143-147

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To the Question of the Authorization of Texts and Genres of media

Urunova Raisa Gasharova, Kazan Federal University

The article considers the phenomenon of authorization, understood as the conscious or unconscious expression in the text of the personality of its Creator as revealed through the analysis of specific linguistic resources. A valid authorization is a problem for modern media, as recently in journalistic texts, more and more blurred her form of expression, and it has even become one of the main reasons for the dehumanization of modern media. Authorization is one of the most important characteristics of the journalistic text, because journalism is the sphere of personal, subjective, documentary of authentic speech, so the description of a model in accordance with the requirements of the genres of representation of the author is important. Special attention is paid to how the quality and degree of manifestation of the author’s characteristics are contained in texts written in different genres. By applying an integrated linguistic analysis is described in detail special verbal structures that journalists use for successful self-representation in texts of different genres, and which create an identity of its readers authorization form.

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