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Genre of New Year greetings in social networks

The article examines the content and stylistic features of modern greeting discourse in social networks based on the texts of the professional community of business coaches and communication specialists in social networks. This type of greeting discourse is conventionally referred to a written electronic formal professional discourse variety. The content and style of these texts, on the one hand, preserve the cultural traditions of greeting speech rhetoric, on the other hand, they require innovative ideas and new means of expression.

Interactive advertising In а multilingual society: Diversification of the genre

An important feature of advertising in social networks is its interactivity which transforms passive recipients into active participants of the advertising process. Internet users can ban an advertiser or, conversely, subscribe to its news. Moreover, they can post their evaluation of products and services, share advertisements with other users, cite and allude to commercials in virtual discussions, and use them as the basis for compiling their own advertisements.


The article presents the analysis of some means of linguistic creativity in posts of Russian Facebook subscribers, professionally connected with the word (journalists, liguists, literary critics, psychologists, writers, etc.). Among the most popular and efficient devices there are erratives, graphic accentuation, joined-up words, ellipsis, abbreviations, puns, word creation, English inclusions, borrowed English word-forming models, lituratives.

Formats and genres of media communication of the executive power

The article presents a general description of the system of the executive power media resources from the point of view of its genre organization. The author offers a literature review on computer-mediated communication and the sphere of public relations and gives a definition of a genre in connection with the Internet. It is argued that an important characteristic of a media genre is its format regarded as a sum total of discourse and media aspects determined by the technical capacity of various Internet services.