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речевая тактика

Speech genre: the unit of product structuring of speech activity

The article discusses the problem of speech genre theory development.  There are three specific areas that require either  extending interpretations of the speech genre concept, or imposing a new specializing term. First, intergenre phenomena of administrative discourse remain outside speech genre. Then, the concept of genre is not relevant for discursive activity product analysis, because it is associated with oral and written text. Finally, in speech genre theory seems to be perspective study of the cognitive and psycholinguistic aspect.

Contact excursion: Speech genre vs communicative event

The article deals with the problem of the relationship between two linguistic theories: a speech genre theory and a speech act theory. The research is based on the genre of a contact excursion. From the point of view of genre studies a contact excursion is a speech genre and it can be described using the “speech genre questionnaire” proposed by T. V.