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Dialogization of discourse and genre in media

The article studies dialogization of media monologue messages aimed at intensifying the interiorization of new information into the addressee’s picture of the world by stimulating a dialogue with the audience. There have been singled out two levels of dialogization–discourse and genre.

Characteristic of the digital news story genre

The article deals with the genre of news stories clustering around the theme of coronavirus infection in the English electronic newspaper The Daily Mail. The purpose of the paper is to systematize the main characteristics of various news stories within the selected topic. The key genre-forming features of electronic news stories are the explicit nature of authorship, a wide range of readers, synchronous and asynchronous comments. There is a description of three news stories with various structures – an inverted pyramid, an hourglass and a multimedia story.

Interactive advertising In а multilingual society: Diversification of the genre

An important feature of advertising in social networks is its interactivity which transforms passive recipients into active participants of the advertising process. Internet users can ban an advertiser or, conversely, subscribe to its news. Moreover, they can post their evaluation of products and services, share advertisements with other users, cite and allude to commercials in virtual discussions, and use them as the basis for compiling their own advertisements.

Dialogism in the genres of internet communication (chat, forum, blog)

The article deals with the timely problems of modern communicative linguistics and virtual genristics. In the article, the essence of the dialogism category is defined in relation to both traditional communication (not technically mediated and non related with electronic media environment), and in relation to Internet communication, where the studied category has its own characteristics. With the base on the lexicographical sources, the differences in the conceptual content and the use of the terms «dialogism» and «interactivity» are established.

Everyday urban genres (on the basis of speech of habitants of the Omsk)

The article is devoted to the urban speech practices of the early twenty-first century in inofficial and semi-official spheres. The following basic terms are offered: indicators of everyday oral colloquial speech, informative level, interactivity, colloquial genre. The analysis of collected material has shown that at speech interaction "at home" the model «the speaking subject-a situation-a subject of the speech-listening» comes up. at «outdoors» interation, the model «speaking subject – situation – listener» model prevails.

Speech Genres of the Russian Language Segment of Instagram Social Network

The article considers issues related to speech genres in the new global areas of communication, which, in the first place, includes the Internet. Taking into account the main parameters of structuring the genre space of network discourse (V. I. Karasik, E. I. Go­roshko), the author identifies and describes the genre characteristics of the social network Instagram, which is one of the most popular platforms for communi­cation, self-­presentation, promotion and sales.

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