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Общие проблемы теории речевых жанров

Speech genre: the unit of product structuring of speech activity

The article discusses the problem of speech genre theory development.  There are three specific areas that require either  extending interpretations of the speech genre concept, or imposing a new specializing term. First, intergenre phenomena of administrative discourse remain outside speech genre. Then, the concept of genre is not relevant for discursive activity product analysis, because it is associated with oral and written text. Finally, in speech genre theory seems to be perspective study of the cognitive and psycholinguistic aspect.

Speech Genres through the Prism of the Multidimensionality of Homo Loquens

The article is devoted to a concise analysis of correlation between language, culture, linguo-culture, mind, communication and community, that are regarded as part and parcel of some indivisible unity which is in focus of nowadays researches of integrative character. The speech genres are analysed in the paper through the prism of the unity in question

On style-genre partnership

The article is dedicated to the speech genre as a unifying basis for different theories of style. We clarify the notions of language, speech, dis-course, text in terms of «language phenomena» aspects singled out by L. V. Scherba. Terminological stability allows us to outline four approaches to style definition: cognitive, systemic-structural, textual and communicative. The cognitive aspect of style corresponds to the «system of concepts and strategies of usage». In this view, the speech genre allows for diverse definitions.

Contrastive study of speech behavior patterns

The increased interest in the analysis of human verbal behavior leads to the need to define a basic unit of the communication sphere which could serve as the basis of its analysis. The first part of the article provides an overview of different speech units proposed by various authors, such as a speech act (J. Austin and J. Searle), speech genre (M. Bakhtin), situational, aspect and parametric model of communicative behavior (I. Sternin), speech action pattern (K. Ehlich und J. Rehbein).

Intertextual aspect of speech genres

This article discusses intertextuality, a critical but still an under-researched aspect of speech genres (SG). We focus on the intertextual content of Michael Bakhtin’s concept of the SG which he viewed as the «word of the other». The concept of a secondary genre (in terms of the diachronic nature of the SG) is shown as essential and several classifications of secondary SGs based on intertextuality are proposed.


The article deals with historic dynamics of Russian word-formative system in the aspect of genre and stylistic development of written language. The development of word-formative means, meanings, and models is greatly influenced by the peculiarities of the language genre and stylistic system in a given chronological period, as well as by the value hierarchy of written genres.


The article is devoted to the search for the answer to the question what the cognitive approach to the genre means. The author believes that the goal of the cognitive studies of the genre is to build its mental model, reflecting its representation in the minds of the reader and writer.

Genre as a Textual Modality Actualizer (on the Basis of Regional legislation documents)

The article devote systematization of representations of the relationship between speech genre and text modality. The article is topical. There is the fragmentation of the study of means and methods of explicating the modality of the official text in the recantive aspect and applied research. The presupposition for the study was the idea that the subject of documentary speech can “discover” itself directly at the level of vocabulary and indirectly through the choice of forms of grammatical categories, namely through means of expressing the text modality.

Reformatskiy and Bakhtin on Speech Genres

The M. M. Bakhtin’s work on speech genres is wellknown. However this problem was examined by other outstanding Russian scholar A. A. Reformatskiy in his book «Technical editing of a book. Theory and method of work» published in 1933 (Bakhtin’s work was written twenty years later). Unlike Bakhtin Reformatskiy studied only a part of genres – genres of books – but his classification was more detailed and fixed main features of different genres depending on the aims of their publication.

Logic of Sign Systems of Different Types (on Example of the Logic of Statement and Genres of Speech)

The works of Abraham Solomonick are well known to philosophers and linguists that specialize in semiotics of language and individual languages. Three important aspects of all sign systems get attention of the Israeli-Russian scientist. they are 1) the nature and internal structure of sign systems, 2) their origin and 3) their functioning. This latter aspect is given particular attention in Solomonick’s book "On Language and Languages" published by the Moscow publishing house Sputnik+ in 2017.