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Исследования отдельных жанров

Genre Communicative Analysis of the Gospels Parable on the Material of Orthodox and Protestant Sources

The study of particular kinds of discourse becomes more and more actual in modern linguistics. During the last decades in Russian linguistics discoursology developed into a separate direction focused on study of theoretical and applied aspects of discourse. In this connection many researches of the end of 90s and beginning of 2000s are dedicated to the study of religious discourse.

Genres of Socialist Realism “Collected Works” and “Selected Works” from Soviet Political Leaders

The article is devoted to the consideration of the genre “Collected Works”, namely the works of political leaders of the Soviet Union. The object of the study is the collected works of Leonid Brezhnev “Lenin’s course”, published in 9 volumes from 1973 to 1983. Formulated The hypothesis is formulated: the “Collected Works” is a typological variety of the literary metatexts, i.e. the ensemble or composite of several text structures. It is a generic cyclization form of substantive and constitutive characteristics.

Prediction as a Speech Genre

The article deals with a speech act «prediction», its content is a categorical declaration of future events. Semantically it is a type of communicative concepts, and pragmatically, it combines characteristics of declarations and commissives. Predictions may be either rationally determined or intuitively generated, the former are typical of a scientific discourse whereas the latter mostly function within religious and habitual communication.

English Riddle

Riddle is a playful representation of a known object, figuratively coding its designation and assuming the direct name actualization of this object in a recipient's reaction. Riddles refer to the folklore genre, the basic functions of which are entertainment and enlightenment. These functions are expressed in constitutive features of the riddle and its textual construction. The article focuses on such English riddle features, as indirectness, axiological and heuristic game character, fascinativeness, as well as manipulative potential.

Speech genre «author’s autograph on the book»

The article is devoted to the autograph as a genre of natural writing speech. The object of researcher’s attention is presented by memorable inscriptions (signatures), handwritten by authors on fiction books. Texts-autographs are realized through natural written activity of a person, possess typical features peculiar to genres of natural written speech in general (according to N.B. Lebedeva’s classification). It allows to relate autograph to this particular type of genres. The leading genre-formative parameter of texts-autographs is their manuscript nature.

Speech acts of aggressive character In the pedagogical discourse

The negative-evaluative speech acts of aggressive nature, operating in the Russian pedagogical discourse are studied in this paper. The Kazakhstan secondary schools teachers’ oral speeches in the lessons framework are chosen as the research material.

Manipulative function of pronoun “we” in Russian and Chinese (the pragmatic aspect)

The given research is a continuation of the series of articles devoted to contrastive research in speech domination in the Russian and Chinese languages. In Chinese as well as in Russian, by using the pronoun «мы» («we») instead of other pronouns, an addresser substitutes the semantic composition of the subject and thereby manipulates the addressee in order to control the way the latter understands the message. As a result, he pronoun «мы» reflects common laws of communicative human behaviour in both languages.

Children's oath in the soviet era: speech genre characteristics

The oath in child's speech becomes a secondary character. The basis of the article conprices set expressions, functioning in an informal communication. Most of them appeared in the Soviet period, due to the specific role of ritual in the USSR and the characteristics of the Soviet system of the speech genres. The most significant differences between children's oath are: its formal organization (a narrower repertoire of specific components acting as a guarantee in the case of their verbalization, the possibility of rhyme, stability).

Polylogue: speech reality and literary technique

The article continues the discussion on the special status of polylogue – simultaneous speaking of several communicants. There are numerous examples from dramatic and prose works of Russian literature (A. Chekhov, Yu. Olesha, V. Aksyonov, L. Ulitskaja etc.), demonstrating the important role of polylogue as a literary technique. We consider the polylogue situation in real oral communication, and we describe its conditions and conclude that it does not meet the rules of successful communication. Polylogue indicates first of all disunity of communicants.

Comissive as a behavioral action: linguistic and cultural features

The paper deals with a problem of speech acts cultural analysis. Structurally and semantically, speech acts have been thoroughly investigated in Pragmalinguistics, but their cultural potential may be a new and interesting direction of studying cultural characteristics of speech. Comissives – speech action types expressing speaker’s intention to commit themselves to certain obligations – are represented by a number of actions, their most common prototype is a promise and their close correlate is a threat.