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Speech genre of an expert report in the context of communicative goal-setting

The article studies a speech genre of an expert report. The study focuses on the realization of the most significant genre-forming feature – the communicative goal of an expert report. Scientific novelty is connected with the fact that an expert report is studied in the context of being a result of speech activity; within the theory of speech genres and communicative linguistics. The article focuses on the basic characteristics of the genre, its communicative goal-setting peculiarities, and the influence of an expert report type on the communicative goal realization.

Russian Language Literacy Test: Intellectual Flash Mob or Speech Genre?

The phenomenon of «Total dictation» (the annual educational event of the Russian language literacy testing) is analyzed in the article from the point of view of its communicative and speech genre characteristics: communicative roles, intentions, communicative mode, communicative values, structural and semantic components.