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Unrestricted remark as a genre of parliamentary speech (based on Russian parliamentary discourse of the early XX century)

The article deals with the remark as a special genre of Russian parliamentary speech. The author analyses various approaches to parliamentary genres. Parliamentary discourse is viewed as institutional, having a dynamic genre structure. The research studies the institutional restrictions imposed on statements in the form of a remark. There is a conclusion about the role of procedural regulation in the formation of a system of discourse genres and the possibility to distinguish unregulated and regulated remarks.

Reasonings in speech genre of life-talk: combination of acusmatics and literary culture

The article deals with the functioning of maxims in colloquial discourse, their considerable number, peculiarities of the essence and form, i.e. thematic preferences and aesthetic means of maxims (metaphors, personification). The author puts emphasis on the impact of fiction works on colloquial discourse reflected in some models of maxims in a form of reasoning.

Hospital discourse: narratives, remarks, dialogs

The research is based on personal observations made while staying in municipal hospital and notes taken at the surgery of the mentioned hospital from November, 21 till December, 4 of 2015. The focus is on the following pairs of communicators: the doctor – the patient, the nurse - the patient, the nurse – the nurse, the patient – the family member, the patient – the patient. The article deals with a problem of interception, following A.V. Nagornaya, who based her research on English literary texts.

The Litotes in the Speech Genre of a Life-talk

The article deals with the functioning of the litotes in the Russian life-talk. The author discusses the term “litotes”, adduces different points of view on this term are, and offers the conclusion that, firstly, the main feature of the litotes is the obvious diminishment of some property, action or force, and secondly, in everyday conversation the litotes is the ideal device opposed to the hyperbole. The article presents the classification of the litotes based the manner of its expression.