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network discourse

Ironical edification

The paper deals with ironic edification – autosemantic utterances which contain critical evaluation of human shortcomings expressed in derisive assertion of absurd, or pretentious, or malicious behavior certain people manifest. They make a specific class of proverbs, aphorisms, and miniatures of modern network discourse. They are heterogeneous and vary from profound observations of human character up to banalities used to amuse a down-home partner, from witty phrases up to acid black humour.

Instructives in Network Discourse

The article deals with a speech genre “instructives” in network discourse. Its basic feature is intention to help a communicative partner and it is represented in advice, recommendation and instruction. Its two main types include responsive and initiative instructives, the former express an explicit problem, a request to solve it and a reaction to it whereas the latter contain preactive advice.

Comical Attractives in Network Discourse

The article deals with comical reposts treated as a genre of network discourse. They include jokes, anecdotes, demotivators and other texts designed for entertaining readers. Such texts upturn stereotypical opinions and ways of behavior. The techniques of their construction and interpretation consist in incongruities between their parts and blending of incompatible meanings which seem bizarre and hence funny.