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Video article as a speech genre

Modern communication is greatly influenced by digital technologies which make available a new type of communication – hybrid oral-written communication, that is texts which contain both verbal and non-verbal components. This research is focused on a video article as a speech genre of academic communication, which appeared relatively recently on digital scientometric platforms. The article describes constitutive features of a video article, its discourse features, and its functional requirements.


The article analyzes media genres interaction through the primary media sphere genre – news. The author gives opinions of researchers on the mixing of genres, lists genres which have undergone significant changes in the modern media sphere. The analysis is based on the news from the regional media field – one of Novgorod’s Internet resources. Analysis of four news texts published in November 2017 shows that the news includes a report, a journalistic story, an academic article, an announcement, a biographical note.

Object Clauses in Academic Discourse: Genre Preferences

The author of the article understands object clauses as a semantic type of sentences with a set of different ways of expressing semantics: polypredicative subordinate clauses, asyndetic clauses, monopredicative clauses, clauses with parenthesis. It is suggested that the set of constructions used in academic discourse depends on the genre of the academic text. The genres of article abstracts and thesis summaries as secondary texts (texts about texts) were chosen as a material for a comparative study.

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