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Dialogization of discourse and genre in media

The article studies dialogization of media monologue messages aimed at intensifying the interiorization of new information into the addressee’s picture of the world by stimulating a dialogue with the audience. There have been singled out two levels of dialogization–discourse and genre.

Interactive advertising In а multilingual society: Diversification of the genre

An important feature of advertising in social networks is its interactivity which transforms passive recipients into active participants of the advertising process. Internet users can ban an advertiser or, conversely, subscribe to its news. Moreover, they can post their evaluation of products and services, share advertisements with other users, cite and allude to commercials in virtual discussions, and use them as the basis for compiling their own advertisements.


The article is focused on the illocutive function of speech utterance as its genre identification criterion. Various approaches to the problem of genre identity are characterized briefly. The emphasis is put on polyintentionality of the communication unit, complexity and multidimensionality of its genre form. Considering M. M. Bakhtin’s ideas, illocution is described as normative (for a subject) initial direction of the speech design development. According to authors’ hypothesis, regular actualization of the set of illocutive elements (A.