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From the mastery of a speech genre researcher to discoveries in text linguistics (Book Review: Turaeva Z. Ya. From the writer's mastery to the reader's discoveries: In search of the essence of the text. Moscow: LENAND, 2016. 144 p.)

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This review presents a new book on the fundamental categories of «text» and «culture» as they emerge among the research priorities of humanities and linguistics in the beginning of the 21st century. Authored by Z. Ya. Turaeva, this book discusses a wide scope of problems that were in the focus of linguistic research at the turn of the millennium. These problems range from text models to linguistic demagogy and linguistics of lies; from the text addressee and ethno-psychological features of addressing the text to intertextuality; from specific features of a literary text to poststructuralism in linguistics viewed as a «post-modernist» phenomenon. Discussions and analyses of these problems propel linguistics towards deeper insights into the essence of the text as a major factor of culture. The book outlines the prospects for further development of humanities.

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