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Dementyev V. V. An Article on speech genres in the “Speech genres” journal as … a speech genre?. Speech Genres, 2021, no. 1(29), pp. 12-33. DOI: 10.18500/2311-0740-2021-1-29-12-33

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An Article on speech genres in the “Speech genres” journal as … a speech genre?

Dementyev Vadim Viktorovich, Saratov State University

Тhe article tests the hypothesis that in the history of the speech genres theory and the journal/collection of articles “Speech Genres”, some structural – linguistic, stylistic, textual – patterns have developed in the “average” article on speech genres (namely: an article in the journal / collection of articles “Speech Genres”). The author attempts to analyze articles on speech genres published in the journal / collection of articles “Speech Genres” from a structural (oriented on the nature of a speech genre) point of view, according to computer models offered by Perm genre-stylistic school, J. Swales, Y. Mizuta, N. Collier, S. Teufel, etc. The proposed analysis is intentionally of not thematic character (not from the point of view of “what” the articles are about: what problems of the genre organization of speech or what specific genres of speech the articles are devoted to) and not scientific-heuristic (academic quality, problematicity, academic relevance of articles, their contribution to science are not evaluated). The focus is on the methods of introducing these provisions and results into science: the most regularly used techniques and structural patterns common to the articles on speech genres, for example: what units and categories of language and speech the authors operate in the analysis (from specific lexical, morphological, syntactic units to types of speech acts), on the works of which areas of linguistics (and not only) they rely as a theoretical basis (including specific schools and specific authors, as well as the frequency of references to them), how the new information is formulated – first of all, whether they are trying to “fit” it into the existing academic context, traditions (and which ones), the way they present all this (language, especially terms, including new ones, formulations of fundamental provisions and methods, headings, including the headings of individual paragraphs, style (first of all, deviations from the proper academic style), the way of narration (descriptions / reasoning), composition (segmentation of the article), special rhetorical techniques, etc.). The following points are considered in more detail: internal citation. terms and headings of articles. evaluation (evaluative characteristics of articles that are relevant in content, vertical, etc. speech genres typologies) in the journal / collection of articles “Speech Genres”.

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