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Genres of Network Discourse

The paper deals with genre characteristics of network discourse treated as communication in social networks. Constitutive features of this communication include (1) a communicative community of people who share mutual interests and have access to a common electronic resource, (2) multimodal semiotic nature of messages having visual, audial and textual components, (3) opportunity of immediate responses to any message, (4) a short communicative distance with merging of public and private formats of interaction.

Instagram as Genre 2.0 (Political Communication Case)

The paper focuses on the research issues of a new field of linguistics – linguistics 2.0, one of the areas of study of which is the analysis of social media genres – genres 2.0. Taking into account basic parameters of structuring the genre space of political discourse, the analysis of the genre Instagram in the field of political communication is presented.

Online Tests in the News Browser: Linguistic and Speech Genre Characteristics

The object of the study are online tests in a news browser (Yandex, The research focuses on the linguistic and genre characteristics of the test link – a part of this test, presented in the news browser as a link or icon and containing the title of the test and its preview. Test links are analyzed (1) semantically and pragmatically (including the most important pragmatic components: functions (the functions of the test itself and the functions of the test link, the most important of which are reporting information about the test and highlighting it).

New Genres of Internet Communication (based on Demotivators and Memes)

The article attempts to consider new forms of Internet communication in terms of their genre affiliation. The research is focused on memes and demotivators, which are widely spread on social networks, but not always differentiated by users. The authors of the article conducted an online survey in order to find out what users of social networks understand by a meme and a demotivator, for what purpose, in what situation and who they send them to, how they react when they receive them.

Speech Genres of the Russian Language Segment of Instagram Social Network

The article considers issues related to speech genres in the new global areas of communication, which, in the first place, includes the Internet. Taking into account the main parameters of structuring the genre space of network discourse (V. I. Karasik, E. I. Go­roshko), the author identifies and describes the genre characteristics of the social network Instagram, which is one of the most popular platforms for communi­cation, self-­presentation, promotion and sales.

E-­Lecture as a Special Genre

The article defines the principles of successful interaction between the lecturer and the Internet audience, in particular, their ability to accurately predict the addressee’s characteristics in order to choose the most appropriate means of their persuasion. In modern linguistics the factors of communication effectiveness include the type of the addressee and the conditions of their communication with the addresser.

Functioning of Clich?d Constructions in the Speech Genre of Cinema Announcement (based on Internet Movie Announcements of Indian Films)

The article touches upon current problems of speech genres functioning on the Internet and fits into the context of modern research in the field of virtual genre studies. The article discusses the speech genre of the movie announcement and describes the means of its language embodiment. The research is focused on the analysis of clich?d constructions and is based on 250 Indian film announcements written in Russian and posted on

Transformation of the genre “Memoirs” in social network instagram

Active development of the Internet communication and the expansion of technical capaсities caused the transformation of existing genres and determined the emergence of new ones. The article discusses the features of the implementation of the speech genre “memoirs” in the social network Instagram. The hashtag #воспоминание was chosen as the criterion for collecting entries, since, in our opinion, users can use this hashtag to mark the genre of a post. The aim of the work is to establish how genre characteristics of memoirs are reflected in the polycode space.