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speech act

Agreement/Disagreement in Belarusian: Review of the teaching aid by A. P. Latushko “Belarusian phrases of аgreement and disagreement” (Minsk, BSU. 2020. 135 p.)

The review is a response to the publication of the teaching aid by A. P. Latushko “Belarusian phrases of Agreement and Disagreement”. The author presents inseparable phrases of agreement and disagreement as elements of the composition of a communicative act in the form of a dictionary with a theoretical preface. The relevance of this teaching aid is seen in the systematization of speech manifestations of one of the communicative categories based on Belarusian fiction. Using the method of continuous sampling, A. P.

Communicative deviations and circumstances of efficiency of speech genre

The article presents an analysis of the problem of the efficiency of construction and perception of speech genres in cooperative communication.

Insincere speech acts and insincere speech genres

This article is devoted to justification of insincere speech genres. Speech genre is understood to be a form of utterance through which a speech act is being realized.

Comissive as a behavioral action: linguistic and cultural features

The paper deals with a problem of speech acts cultural analysis. Structurally and semantically, speech acts have been thoroughly investigated in Pragmalinguistics, but their cultural potential may be a new and interesting direction of studying cultural characteristics of speech. Comissives – speech action types expressing speaker’s intention to commit themselves to certain obligations – are represented by a number of actions, their most common prototype is a promise and their close correlate is a threat.

Speech acts of aggressive character In the pedagogical discourse

The negative-evaluative speech acts of aggressive nature, operating in the Russian pedagogical discourse are studied in this paper. The Kazakhstan secondary schools teachers’ oral speeches in the lessons framework are chosen as the research material.

Prediction as a Speech Genre

The article deals with a speech act «prediction», its content is a categorical declaration of future events. Semantically it is a type of communicative concepts, and pragmatically, it combines characteristics of declarations and commissives. Predictions may be either rationally determined or intuitively generated, the former are typical of a scientific discourse whereas the latter mostly function within religious and habitual communication.


This article is devoted to the analysis of the speech genre of «blackmail» in the interpersonal everyday communication. We specify the concept of «blackmail» in relation to the everyday communication in comparison with the related concept used in the legal discourse. The paper defines blackmail as a kind of manipulative psycho-emotional impact intended to obtain the benefits by means of threatening to harm the recipient.

Contrastive Analysis of Speech Communication Genres: Principles and Practice Book Review: W. Gladrow, E. Kotorova «Speech Act Patterns in Russian and in German: A Contrastive Presentation (Berlin: Peter Lang, 2018. 404 p.)»

This review presents a new monograph by Wolfgang Gladrow and Elisaveta Kotorova devoted to basic notions and methodology of intercultural verbal behavior. The increased necessity in the theoretical foundation of contrastive studies to the one hand and systematization of typical intercourse situations to the other shows the actuality of the research. In the monograph, the both tasks are solved.