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Semantic-pragmatic potential of reports of refusal of communication in the roman of E. Vodolazkin “Lavr”

The semantic and pragmatic potential of statements of refusal to communicate allows shedding light on the peculiarities of the phenomenon of silence, identifying its varieties, the specifics of manifestation in the Russian linguistic picture of the world and analyzing the functionality as part of a literary text.

Functions of Consent and Disagreement in Friendly Chat (Psikhologo-Linguistic Notes)

In article functions of consent and disagreement in natural easy communication are considered. In the center of attention of the author question: whether always the consent of the interlocutor with speaking is expected whether always it contains positive effect, and disagreement – negative? Material which is given by the author of article mainly within a consolation genre, shows that quite often consent has a minus sign, and disagreement – plus. Also some general features of consent and disagreement and also silence role in their expression are considered.