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online communication

Implicit expression of political stance in political weblogs

The article analyses the ways of implicit expression of the political stance of bloggers. The relevance of the topic under study is determined by the increased influence of non-institutional means of communication on political processes. Blogs, social networks, and messengers have become an important tool of communication among members of civil society, as well as platforms for expressing citizens’ positions. The expression of a blogger’s political position does not always occur directly and explicitly.

Dialogism in the genres of internet communication (chat, forum, blog)

The article deals with the timely problems of modern communicative linguistics and virtual genristics. In the article, the essence of the dialogism category is defined in relation to both traditional communication (not technically mediated and non related with electronic media environment), and in relation to Internet communication, where the studied category has its own characteristics. With the base on the lexicographical sources, the differences in the conceptual content and the use of the terms «dialogism» and «interactivity» are established.


The article discusses the product of the blog hypergenre’s transformation in modern instant messaging applications as a further development of blogosphere discourse genres using the example of Telegram service. The novelty of blog channels in Russian and international Internet space and their growing popularity determine the relevance of the research.