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Heart-moving stories about kitties in Runet in the paradigm of the genres of volunteer discourse

The article deals with heart-moving stories about kitties published on the Internet by the Moscow adoption center for cats “Murkosha”, which are studied in connection with the dominants of the volunteer discourse. The article focuses on speech genre and narrative characteristics of these stories. It is shown that their specific language, text, and other features are secondary to the main goal – to influence the reader, to induce him either to take the cat directly or to help the adoption center financially.

Intertextual aspect of speech genres

This article discusses intertextuality, a critical but still an under-researched aspect of speech genres (SG). We focus on the intertextual content of Michael Bakhtin’s concept of the SG which he viewed as the «word of the other». The concept of a secondary genre (in terms of the diachronic nature of the SG) is shown as essential and several classifications of secondary SGs based on intertextuality are proposed.

English Riddle

Riddle is a playful representation of a known object, figuratively coding its designation and assuming the direct name actualization of this object in a recipient's reaction. Riddles refer to the folklore genre, the basic functions of which are entertainment and enlightenment. These functions are expressed in constitutive features of the riddle and its textual construction. The article focuses on such English riddle features, as indirectness, axiological and heuristic game character, fascinativeness, as well as manipulative potential.


The author examines the conceptual idea of the development of Russia in 2016, reflected in the genre of analytical review in online publications of various (progovernment and opposition) socio-political, ideological orientation, and represented through metaphors formed within the framework of the anthropomorphic conceptual macromodel. The paper identifies the most actual models and their variants of anthropomorphic transfers in the media under investigation.

The Litotes in the Speech Genre of a Life-talk

The article deals with the functioning of the litotes in the Russian life-talk. The author discusses the term “litotes”, adduces different points of view on this term are, and offers the conclusion that, firstly, the main feature of the litotes is the obvious diminishment of some property, action or force, and secondly, in everyday conversation the litotes is the ideal device opposed to the hyperbole. The article presents the classification of the litotes based the manner of its expression.