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Repentance: human life, activity concept or genre?

The phenomenon of «repentance» has been analyzed from the perspective of various sciences: communicative linguistics, linguocognitology, genristics, theolinguistics. Repentance is a genuine recognition of the fault, error, sin, regret at the offense. This understanding is related to a domestic repentance – a strong emotional experience, which is correlated with a sense of shame for him/herself and his/her actions (a secular approach to this phenomenon). In the spotlight is the intersection of the repentance concept with the repentance genre and dialogue.

What does “forward in the study of speech genres” mean? To the edition of a posthumous book of selected works by K. F. Sedov (1954–2011) «General and anthropocentric linguistics»

Review of the posthumous book of selected works by K. F. Sedov (1954–2011) «Obshchaya i antropotsentricheskaya lingvistika» [General and anthropocentric linguistics]. Much of the book of K. F. Sedov is devoted to speech genres: an overview of the theory of speech genres (sociopragmatic aspect) is provided, as well as materials for the encyclopedia of speech genres: «Talk», «Compliment», «Anecdote». The reviewer (both co-editor of the book of selected works of K. F. Sedov under discussion), who for many years studied the genres of speech with K. F.

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