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дискурсивные слова

Discursive words as a means of organizing speech genres (on the example of lexeme true)

The article is devoted to the description of lexeme «truth» functioning features entering different speech genres. The word «truth» is referred to the group of discourse words providing speech coherence, reflecting the process of interaction between the speaker and listener, as well as conveying attitude of the speaker to what has been said. The study considers broad understanding of discourse words as structural components of the speech genre that realize illocutionary functions and are associated with speech steps of the speaker in the creation of genre.

Pragmatic Aspects of TED Talks as a Specific Speech Genre (Through the Lens of Discourse Markers’ Use)

The article presents the analysis of the speech genre aspects of TED talks, identifies their place in the speech genre hierarchy, their reference to the communication sphere and specifies their chronotopos peculiarities. Genregenetic properties of TED talks, forming their model, are analyzed through the research of their pragmatic framework constituted by discourse markers: through the aspects of discourse organization, the addressor and the addressee’s interaction, the author’s selfpresentation.