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Hospital discourse: narratives, remarks, dialogs

The research is based on personal observations made while staying in municipal hospital and notes taken at the surgery of the mentioned hospital from November, 21 till December, 4 of 2015. The focus is on the following pairs of communicators: the doctor – the patient, the nurse - the patient, the nurse – the nurse, the patient – the family member, the patient – the patient. The article deals with a problem of interception, following A.V. Nagornaya, who based her research on English literary texts.

Everyday urban genres (on the basis of speech of habitants of the Omsk)

The article is devoted to the urban speech practices of the early twenty-first century in inofficial and semi-official spheres. The following basic terms are offered: indicators of everyday oral colloquial speech, informative level, interactivity, colloquial genre. The analysis of collected material has shown that at speech interaction "at home" the model «the speaking subject-a situation-a subject of the speech-listening» comes up. at «outdoors» interation, the model «speaking subject – situation – listener» model prevails.