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Internet memes in the structure of comic speech genres

The article describes the Internet memes that are widely used in the Internet sphere as a part of the comic speech genres. Internet memes are considered a specific type of precedent phenomena. The possibilities of achieving comic effect and identifying the speech genres that incorporate Internet memes are defined as a coincidence of elements of the cultural background of communicants and common presuppositions.

Genre individuality of Instagram social net

The article presents an analysis of the Instagram Internet service genre features. The place and importance of Instagram among Internet communication social services are discussed.

Speech Genres of the Russian Language Segment of Instagram Social Network

The article considers issues related to speech genres in the new global areas of communication, which, in the first place, includes the Internet. Taking into account the main parameters of structuring the genre space of network discourse (V. I. Karasik, E. I. Go­roshko), the author identifies and describes the genre characteristics of the social network Instagram, which is one of the most popular platforms for communi­cation, self-­presentation, promotion and sales.

Transformation of the genre “Memoirs” in social network instagram

Active development of the Internet communication and the expansion of technical capaсities caused the transformation of existing genres and determined the emergence of new ones. The article discusses the features of the implementation of the speech genre “memoirs” in the social network Instagram. The hashtag #воспоминание was chosen as the criterion for collecting entries, since, in our opinion, users can use this hashtag to mark the genre of a post. The aim of the work is to establish how genre characteristics of memoirs are reflected in the polycode space.