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communicative situation

Speech Genres in the Communication “Doctor – Patient” in the Novel by B. L. Pasternak “Doctor Zhivago”

The article is devoted to the study of speech genres, connected with the communication between the doctor and the patient in Pasternak’s novel. In “Doctor Zhivago” as “genre polyform” the dialogue between the doctor and the patient becomes actual as an integral part of the content of the novel, represented by the characteristic paradigms of the doctor and the patient.

Genres of Written Discourse of the Executive Branch

The article presents a description of the genre system of the executive written discourse. The paper considers viewpoints of specialists in genre studies on the criteria for classifying genres. It presents speech genres typologies on the inter- and extra-linguistic bases according to: communicative intention, type of activity, specificity of the audience, etc. Through the analyses of various conceptions, the author comes to the conclusion that a complete modeling of a genre system is possible only if a number of factors is considered.