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comic effect

Internet memes in the structure of comic speech genres

The article describes the Internet memes that are widely used in the Internet sphere as a part of the comic speech genres. Internet memes are considered a specific type of precedent phenomena. The possibilities of achieving comic effect and identifying the speech genres that incorporate Internet memes are defined as a coincidence of elements of the cultural background of communicants and common presuppositions.

Figural basis of comical texts of minimal structure (on the basis of russian newspapers)

The article demonstrates various speech figures forming the relevant stylistical basis of newspaper comic genres of a minimal text structure. It also shows the existing tendencies in dominant figurative means in the most widely spread genres. names of figures are suggested that have no acceptional terminological designation. Thus the problem of systematic description of small-size newspaper genres of comical nature may be settled, and the notion of potential formation of stylistical figures may be broadened.

Dirty hands: Bribery in Russian anecdote

The study of the speech-genre and formal-semantic properties of Russian anecdotes on bribery is based the corpus of anecdotes, which also include jokes of Russian-speaking Ukrainians, differing from Russian ones only in the names of the “protagonists” appearing in them. It is established that the main means of creating a pun in a joke are the lexical and grammatical polysemy and homonymy, playing off the phonetic similarities and spontaneous humor.

Genre individuality of Instagram social net

The article presents an analysis of the Instagram Internet service genre features. The place and importance of Instagram among Internet communication social services are discussed.