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Instructives in Network Discourse

The article deals with a speech genre “instructives” in network discourse. Its basic feature is intention to help a communicative partner and it is represented in advice, recommendation and instruction. Its two main types include responsive and initiative instructives, the former express an explicit problem, a request to solve it and a reaction to it whereas the latter contain preactive advice.

The Russian Construction “ya by na tvoyom meste/ty by na moyom meste” (“if i were you/if you were me”): about the Link between the I-sphere and the Choice of a Speech Genre

The construction analyzed in the article can be used both on the speaker’s initiative and in response to a request. It is characteristic of two speech genres, advice and compliment. The hypothetical substitution of ya (me) with ty (you) (ya by na tvoyom meste/if I were you) and ty (you) with ya (me) (ty by na moyom meste/ if you were me) can trigger conflict, to a greater or lesser extent.