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The purpose of the article is to substantiate the thesis about the implicit typological connection of three fiction-writing modes (drama, epic and lyric poetry) with the basic kinds of communicative strategies (informative, phatic and “autocommunicative”). Epic, lyric poetry and drama are viewed as three substantial modes (or vectors) of verbal and non-verbal statements. The concept of “speech genres” covers a subordinate to it concept of “fiction-writing modes”. This subordination allows us to assume that not only these concepts of a high content complexity are similar, but also implicit in their typological constractions. Despite “the extreme heterogeneity of speech genres and the attendant difficulty of determining the general nature of the utterance” (M. M. Bakhtin), paying “attention to the very significant difference between primary (simple) and secondary (complex) speech genres” we consider as possible gently distribution of the existing fiction-writing modes typology to the typology of speech genres.


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