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Lassan E. On the centenary of A. D. Sakharov: Sakharov’s discourse as science publicistics (identifying the speaker as the genre marker) E. R. Lassan. Speech Genres, 2022, no. 4(17), pp. 285-292. DOI: 10.18500/2311-0740-2022-17-4-36-285-292

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On the centenary of A. D. Sakharov: Sakharov’s discourse as science publicistics (identifying the speaker as the genre marker) E. R. Lassan

Lassan Eleonora, Vilnius University

A linguist’s interest toward Sakharov’s discourse is to a greater extent motivated by the question of what the characteristics of the text whose title (Progress, Coexistence and Intellectual Freedom) itself refers to cogitative practices of philosophical discourses are; the text that not only is polemical in relation to official discursive practices, but due to the personality of the author and the scientist, unites both scientific information and the political standpoint of the subject. For the analysis the author of the article chooses only one systemic text element, i.e. the manifestation of the speaker. Such a choice of the subject of the research is accounted for by the fact that, according to the author of the article, the representation of the author in nonfiction discourse is predetermined by the genre. The author’s analysis of Sakharov’s “Self” through its incorporation into communicative practices and relations with the “Other” stems from the “Self-concept”. As it is demonstrated in the article, the identification of the subject of the text in “Progress…” is relatable to the means of identifying the speaker in different types of discourse in terms of a genre; it correlates with the corresponding identification of the “Other”, which may be viewed as a marker of science publicistics. The author thinks that the analysis of ego markers of text may be effective when defining its genre. 

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