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Voloshinov and Vossler: Allies without knowing it

Between both solutions to the crisis of positivism at the beginning of the 20th century, V. N. Voloshinov chose K. Vossler’s idealistic neophilology, entirely rejecting Saussurianism. Voloshinov transposed Vossler’s stylistic individual idealism into sociological concepts: “spirit” becomes “ideology”, “culture” becomes “superstructure”, and “idealistic neophilology” becomes “sociological poetics”. This terminological rearrangement has caused constant misunderstandings in the interpretation of the book “Marxism and the Philosophy of Language”.

Genre of New Year greetings in social networks

The article examines the content and stylistic features of modern greeting discourse in social networks based on the texts of the professional community of business coaches and communication specialists in social networks. This type of greeting discourse is conventionally referred to a written electronic formal professional discourse variety. The content and style of these texts, on the one hand, preserve the cultural traditions of greeting speech rhetoric, on the other hand, they require innovative ideas and new means of expression.


In 1961 K. I. Chukovskiy wrote that the principal danger for Russian was “Bureaucratese”(канцелярит). It is the penetration of words, phrases, syntactic constructions typical of the style of the official relations in other styles (style of everyday life, academic style, belles lettres style). Such point of view is widely spread in Russia. It is connected with a very negative attitude to the official style in general, it is considered to be the language of bureaucratism, clich?s, indifference to people.