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семантический блок

Verbalizing the symbol: Blazoning in the national heraldry of the post-soviet republics

The article deals with the linguistic embodiment of national symbols. On the basis of lexicography, the author determines the semantic structure of the national idea and describes its implementation in the heraldic symbols of the countries of the former USSR. The semantics of the state contains the following semantic blocks: power, territory, population (people) and the country as a whole.

National Hymn as Patriotic Discourse Genre

The author forms up an evolutionary semiotic succession of the hymn and concludes that the national hymn is a hybrid literary genre which is embodied in various discourse species and that it possesses identifying, unifying, axiological, “optimistic”, ideological, laudatory, expressive, magical and performative functions. The article analyzes national hymns of ex-republics of the Soviet Union and proves that despite being simultaneously acknowledged as official state symbols these hymns differ in their genre origin, themes and semantic features.

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