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Genre of New Year greetings in social networks

The article examines the content and stylistic features of modern greeting discourse in social networks based on the texts of the professional community of business coaches and communication specialists in social networks. This type of greeting discourse is conventionally referred to a written electronic formal professional discourse variety. The content and style of these texts, on the one hand, preserve the cultural traditions of greeting speech rhetoric, on the other hand, they require innovative ideas and new means of expression.

The speech genre of chreia: Historical background and typology

The paper explores various types of chreia (declarative, responsive, scholastic , etc.) as a didactic genre. These various types include those that are still unresearched in the Russian linguistic literature, e.g., e.g., chriod, ethology, double chreia, and others This language phenomenon is analyzed and systematized and its correlation with a system of adjacent categories is specified. Chreia is juxtaposed to a) enres, such as gnome, parable, fable, and proverb. b) figures of speech, primarily to description and allegory.