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Popular science articles about animals: Speech genre characteristics and their dynamics (based on the Soviet press of the 20th century and publications in Runet of the 21st century)

The article carries out a comparative genre analysis of popular science articles about animals in the Soviet press of the 20th century, and in the Runet of the 21st century. The research is based on a model that includes the following items: animal; author and addressee; society (community of readers of the article about animals) and the state of literature; language.

Hospital discourse: narratives, remarks, dialogs

The research is based on personal observations made while staying in municipal hospital and notes taken at the surgery of the mentioned hospital from November, 21 till December, 4 of 2015. The focus is on the following pairs of communicators: the doctor – the patient, the nurse - the patient, the nurse – the nurse, the patient – the family member, the patient – the patient. The article deals with a problem of interception, following A.V. Nagornaya, who based her research on English literary texts.