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Ideological word “people” as carnivalization in russian anecdotes

The verbalization of the ideological word “people” in Russian anecdote texts is described, and the Russian ethnic self-stereotypes in humoristic context are studied. It is concluded that the Russian national character after anecdote data corresponds to the Russian national character as a whole.

Is irony a speech genre? (once again, about some features of irony)

In the article the author examines the different points of view on a popular question of current theory of speech genres: whether irony is a speech genre.

Dirty hands: Bribery in Russian anecdote

The study of the speech-genre and formal-semantic properties of Russian anecdotes on bribery is based the corpus of anecdotes, which also include jokes of Russian-speaking Ukrainians, differing from Russian ones only in the names of the “protagonists” appearing in them. It is established that the main means of creating a pun in a joke are the lexical and grammatical polysemy and homonymy, playing off the phonetic similarities and spontaneous humor.